General Altimax A/S 365 195/65R15 91H available in Melksham

195/65R15 GEN ALT A/S365 91H All-seasons Tyre


Altimax A/S 365

195/65R15 GEN ALT A/S365 91H

Fully fitted price: £61.00


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The tyre optimised for driving in summer and in winter. Reliable performance in all seasons and every weather condition.

Good traction and braking performance in dry conditions
  • Solid shoulder blocks arranged in a longitudinal direction improve traction and braking performance. This results in short stopping distances on dry roads.
Good aquaplaning prevention
  • Wide, lateral grooves optimise effective water dispersal from the tread. This results in greater protection against aquaplaning.
Very good grip on snow
  • Sipes in the middle of the tread pattern and a high number of gripping edges make the tyre highly flexible. This achieves very good grip on snow and excellent braking performance.





H (Max Speed: 130mph)

91 (Max Load: 615kg)