2 Wheel Alignment

Maintaining proper 2 wheel alignment (or tracking) is essential.  It optimises driving stability, improves your vehicles overall handling performance, reduces fuel consumption and increases the life of your tyres.  

It is recommended that alignment is checked every year in order to maximise the life of your tyres.  However, if you notice your vehicle is pulling to one side of the road; any signs of premature tyre wear - particularly on one shoulder of the tyre; or excessive fuel consumption, these are all signs of misaligned wheels so don't hesitate to make an appointment with us to have your tracking checked.   Similarly, if you have hit a kerb, driven into a pothole or been in an accident then your tracking should be checked as soon as possible.  Tracking should always be checked after you've had any front suspension work carried out.

Here at Turnpike Garage, we use laser precision tracking gauges so that we can measure the toe angle of the front wheels.  We can then adjust this angle in accordance with the specified manufacturers data.

We always check for signs of play before we make any adjustments.  If there is too much play, components will need to be adjusted or replaced before tracking can be corrected. 

To make an appointment, please call us on 01225 706646 or contact us here. The Turnpike Garage Image


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