Tyre Puncture Repair

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All repairs to tyres are carried out in accordance with the current British Standard AU 159.  There are clear guidelines which dictate whether a puncture repair is possible, these are: 

  • The puncture must be within the central three-quarters of the tyre
  • The puncture zone must be no larger than 6mm
  • The tyre has not been previously repaired in the same location
  • There must be no evidence that the tyre has been damaged by driving whilst flat
  • The tyre must have over 1.6mm of tread depth to comply with the law
  • There must be no other damage, such as excessive wear to any part of the tyre
  • There are also limitations in relation to the angle of the puncture entry point

If it's not possible for us to carry out a puncture repair, we will discuss your options regarding a replacement tyre before going ahead. 

What About Run-Flat Tyres?

Run-flat tyres are manufactured with reinforced sidewalls, which allows them to be drive on - for up to 50 miles* - after a puncture in order to safely reach a tyre centre.  As a result of this design, it can be difficult to detect any secondary damage that has occured due to the puncture.  We do not therefore carry out repairs to run-flat tyres. 

* Despite the name, these tyres are not designed to be driven flat.  Please do not drive on a punctured or damaged run flat tyre any longer than it would take to reach a tyre fitting centre.  If you continue to drive on a damaged run flat tyre you risk causing more damage to the wheel and the road safety of yourself and others.

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